Rev David Bagwell, as stand-in chairman, opened the meeting. Lorraine Harris took the minutes for this meeting.

Present—CTB representatives & clergy:

Baptist: David Saunders. Christ Church: No representatives present. Emmanuel: Rev Paul Carr, Jonathan Morley, Rita Fabri. Most Holy Redeemer: No representatives present. Methodist: Rev David Bagwell, Lorraine Harris.United Reformed Church: Peter Brierley, Margaret Dunn. St Mary’s Little Burstead: No representatives present. St John the Divine: Dan Pierce, Carol Bendry, Janet Masters, Susan McCaffery. Revival Church (formerly CGC): Julian Horsole. St Mary’s Gt Burstead: No representatives present.


Most Holy Redeemer:Sean Owen. St Mary's High Street: Sue Stevens, Pauline Randall. St Mary's Little Burstead: David Bowles. SMB: Mike Wood. Revival Church: Phil Norton (representing SMB). Methodist: Pam leyy.

Apologies for absence:

St Mary's Little Burstead: Jim Henshaw. St Mary's Gt Burstead: Michael Hall, Derek Oakley. United Reformed Church: Ruth Mitchell.


Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the AGM and General Meeting, both on the 14th January 2015, were accepted unanimously and signed by David Bagwell as a true representation of the meetings.


Matters arising:

2015 AGM minutes – No matters arising.

General meeting minutes—2016 events within the churches:

Alpha is currently being run at Queens Park Community (Methodist) Church at 7.00pm—started last Tuesday, all welcome.

The Anglicans will be running a Lent course – flyers will be emailed.

Essex Savers – Still running with many deposits, but no loans requested. Our funds are helping with loans outside of Billericay. Since Jean Jackman moved there has been no leader/figurehead here.

Community Choir – numbers have grown and grown, they have a new conductor and accompanist. Their next concert is on the 12th February at Billericay Baptist Church with the theme of ‘Love and Valentines’.

Street Pastors – Phil Norton reported that things are going well, with positive feedback and that they are recruiting again to swell their numbers. In 2015 they supported events at Easter, Barleylands and Christmas.

They have looked into setting up School Pastors, but feel that within the school itself SMB provides this Christian presence, therefore now looking at being out on the streets during the day, hopefully starting by the summer.

Request: Would all ministers please come out with them once a year to see what they are doing.


Report on voting on the new constitution:

Eight churches voted in favour (169 votes). One church voted against (10 votes) and there was one abstention (2 votes). All but St Mary’s Little Burstead have appointed at least one representative; the maximum is three and one substitute to attend the ministers' monthly meetings.


Matters arising from the new constitution:

St John’s explained that they had voted against the new constitution because of the following concerns and not because they rejected the whole document:
. they query the number of lay representatives per church (confirmed up to three at the meeting)
. how would the task groups be set up (confirmed to be either at the ministers' meetings or at the Sunday evening services)
. street pastors and SMB should be asked to report to the AGM (agreed to be added at the meeting).

One point from URC was not incorporated—within CTB what is the ultimate decision making body (confirmed as the ministers meeting for the coming year)?

The church leaders' monthly meeting will replace the positions of CTB chairman and vice-chairman for this year. For future years, should nominations be received for chairman and vce-chairman then this decision could be reversed.

This will be added as an addendum to the constitution. Voted: Unanimous in favour.

David Bagwell will forward notes of decisions made at the meetings and these will be circulated to CTB representatives, ministers and their mubstitutes with the help of Father John.

Churches can add lay representatives and change their minister's substitute during the year by vote at their church meetings and then forwarding this information to CTB. Each member church will ensure that their minister or appointed substitute will attend the monthly minister’s meetings.
Lorraine was asked to attend the monthly meetings as treasurer.


Feedback from the 2015 Christmas Market activities

Back in December 2014, St Mary's was opened with refreshments available from the start of the Christmas Market (11.00am). However there were many disappointed members of the public who were expecting carol singing to start this early as well. Our thanks to Janet Lee of the Methodist Church who this time arranged an extra session, starting carols by 11.30 and running until 1.00pm, when the rota of churches started. This worked extremely well and the Methodist Church have offered to do this again for Christmas 2016.
Pauline Randall reported that tea, coffee and mince pies were available from 11.00am and they were inundated all day till 5.00pm. Thank you to the tea ladies and also to all of the carol singers.

Could the singing be relayed outside and also refreshments served outside? Rotary have asked us in the past not to do either as this would upset the surrounding food-sellers and the carols would be lost in the general noise outside. Street Pastors encourage people to come into the church.

Each church should be encouraged to appoint a welcomer for their slot to stand at the doors to speak to people as they come in and leave.


Future events already planned for 2016


United service this Sunday 24th January 2016 at the URC – arrangements are all in hand. The collection will be divided between SMB and Billericay Street Pastors.


Community service weekend and civic service—David Bagwell reported that he had already had a conversation with Billericay Town Council, who have agreed to take part in the service on Sunday 13th March at 3.00pm at Queens Park Community Church. The theme will be, ‘Never on Your Own’ and support networks from the community will be invited to speak.
On the previous Saturday, the town council has organised ther Big Litter Pick around the High Street area.


Bi-monthly Evening Services:

24th Jan Service for Week of Prayer for christian Unity at URC6.30pm
13th MarCivic service at Queens Park Community Church3.00pm
15th MayCTB evening service at Christ Church6.30pm
15th MayCTB evening service at Christ Church6.30pm
17th JulyCTB evening service at St John's6.30pm
18th SeptCTB evening service at Western Road Methodist Church6.30pm
20th NovCTB evening service at St Mary's or Billericay School6.30pm
15th JanService for Week of Prayer for christian Unity at Most Holy Redeemer6.30pm


CTB Arrangements for Easter 2016:

i) The minister’s meeting have made the decision not to hold a Walk of Witness this year – much discussion followed regarding previous year’s walks, the past disruption to the traffic in the High Street and the surrounding area, and the fact that Essex Police will not support us now by closing the road for the walk.
Each Church will decide whether to meet for a service or prayer beforehand, then walk or drive to the High Street, with or without any crosses or banners. Any plans by individual churches to be circulated to all to encourage shared support.

ii) The Good Friday united service at St Mary’s will start at 12noon, led by Paul Carr. There will be more seating available for those who need it.

iii) Easter Sunday Open Air Communion at Mill Meadows will be led by David Bagwell, starting at 6.30am (note that the clocks go forward on the preceding night!). This will be followed by breakfast at Western Road Methodist Church.

iv) Easter Sunday united xervice at Billericay Baptist Church, starting at 6.30pm, led by Ian Smith. – Anew event where we can celebrate that Jesus is alive!


Billericay Fun Walk(formerly the John Baron Charity WalK): is on Sunday 22nd May. If you want details, phone 0744 324 218 or email funwalk@hotmail.co.uk.

Street pastors will be taking part. Please contact Phil Norton if you would like to sponsor them. As a replacement for the Christian Aid Walk you could take part and raise money for Christian Aid, either individually or as a team.


Christian Aid Golf Day will be on Thursday 28th April, teeing off at 12noon at Burstead Golf Club. Contact Rod Moxley (rodmoxley@hotmail.com) or David Bagwell for details. Last year they raised approximately £240 for Christian Aid and had a great day of fun and fellowship.


Soap Box Derby On Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May, racing all day from 10.00am to 5.00pm at Sun Corner. CTB have been invited to have a presence at this new Rotary event and Lorraine Harris will coordinate our marquee and helpers. Iif you have any church members who would be interested in helping, either with children’s activities, chatting, erecting and taking down the tent, or offering to help the Rotary members with Stewarding, please let Lorraine know.


Summer event in the park. Last year’s event didn’t take place and at the moment nobody has come forward to organise anything for this year. The Chernobyl Children will be arriving on Sunday 12th June and leaving 10th July – it would be good to include them in this event if we can.

It could be a picnic in the park with games, but needs a local church to take this on. Please see if anyone is prepared to co-ordinate this event which would be instead of Fun in the Park which again can only be re-run if an enthusiastic leader steps forward.

Sunday 12th June is our Queens’s 90th birthday. This could be an alternative celebration. Any takers?

The Methodists are having a Messy Church picnic on Sunday 12th July. If you would like more details speak to Pam Levy or Lorraine.


Summerfest. Sunday 10th July at Sun Corner. Until last July, CTB have taken a stand at this annual Rotary event, but we are looking for volunteers to co-ordinate, otherwise we will be missing again. Can you help? Street Pastors will be taking part.


Barleylands Weekend. On Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September. Churches Together in East London and Essex are once again funding our marquee and presence at this local event, where we can witness to thousands of people over the weekend.

The first meeting of the committee is on Wednesday 18th May at 8.00pm at Western Road Methodist Church. Please make sure that your church is represented. More details from Lorraine Harris if needed.


Remembrance Day On Sunday 13th November. The service will start at 10.50am, led by Paul Carr. The service sheets will once again be paid for by CTB. It was felt that the reading of the names of the fallen the last couple of years had been most powerful, so this will be repeated again this year.

We will feedback to Billericay Town Council regarding problems with people blocking the pavement opposite St Mary's. People try to get past and become agitated when the path is blocked. Would it be possible to close the pavement as well as the road, just for the service? Numbers have increased year on year which is brilliant, but brings its own problems.


Charity Table Top Sale At the URC on Saturday 2nd April from 9.30am to 12noon at the Mayflower Hall, Chapel Street. There will be items for sale to raise money for local and national charities.

Some of the charities represented are Basildon District Stroke Club, Samaritans, Billericay Lions, St Luke’s, Schools Ministry in Billericay, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Street Pastors Billericay, Women’s Refuge Basildon, Hamelin House, BASIS, RSPCA, and Hearing and Sight. Items for sale will include cakes, jams, handicraft, toiletries, jewellery, books, bric a brac, greeting cards and refreshments will also be available. If anyone can help by making cakes for sale for the Schools Ministry Table it would be much appreciated. If you do please list the ingredients. (Margaret Dunn)


Treasurer's report:

The CTB accounts had already been circulated, with a report from Lorraine Harris. The accounts were accepted by the meeting. As CTB had £4360.21 to start this financial year and the suggested budget agreed at the meeting was only £2000 Lorraine suggested that for this year only we do not ask member churches to contribute, but use our reserves. After discussion this was agreed. The suggestion to churches is that they donate their normal CTB subscription to SMB and/or Street Pastors.

The collection at the United service this Sunday will be divided between SMB and Street Pastors as well. Next year the suggestion is for us to look outside, perhaps to St Luke's Hospice. The meeting voted to under-write the coach costs to SMB for Life Expo at Billericay Baptist Church (transport to and from local Junior schools) up to £700 (the total cost will be around £1000). This is to include the collection monies and is included in the annual budget above.

SMB account Mike Wood circulated a summary of the SMB accounts at the meeting (see copy attached with printed minutes). He explained that the Business Saver account had been closed during the year with the funds transferred to an Essex Saver account (this serves as their contingency fund). Shirley Gowland continues in her management role, with Ruth Strickland now being employed full time at 32 hours per week and Sue Horspole 18 hours per week (term-time only).


Any other business

David Bagwell was thanked for his work on the CTB constitution, other works and for standing in as chairman at this meeting.

Street Pastors and SMB will continue to be asked for a report at future CTB AGMs. For matters regarding SMB, churches should contact Gary Bott at bottg73@gmail.com and for Street Pastors, Phil Norton at noisyphil@gmail.com.


The meeting closed with prayer.