Rev David Bagwell introduced himself as the interim Chair, welcomed us and opened the meeting with prayer.


Present: Baptist: John Morris, David Saunders, Gary Bott (on behalf of SMB). Christ Church: Nick Brennan, Pip Brennan, Brian Ellis, Maureen Ellis. Emmanuel: Rev Paul Carr, Jonathan Morley. Holy Redeemer: Sean Owen. Methodist: Rev David Bagwell, Lorraine Harris, Janet Lee. URC: Margaret Dunn. St Mary’s Little Burstead: David Bowles. St John the Divine: Rev Paul Gambling, Jackie Bentley. CGC: Andy Robb, Phil Norton (Street Pastors) St Mary’s Gt Burstead: Margaret Flack. SMB: Mike Wood. Marylin Baker. Ministries: Sylvia Wood. Billericay Community Choir: Chris Davis.


Apologies for absence: St Mary’s Gt Burstead, Rev Michael Hall, Colin McPherson. Baptist:: Shirley Gowland (SMB). St John the Divine: Janet Masters. Christ Church: Jean Jackman. Emmanuel: Sheila Bailey, Phillipa Tuck. URC: Maggi Smith, Ken Woods, Rev Ruth Mitchell.


Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the AGM held on 14th January 2014 were approved by the meeting and signed by David Bagwell.



Chairman's Report: Rev David Bagwell said that he would be speaking about the proposed new structures for CTB later in the meeting.

The Treasurer’s report for 2013-2014 was distributed at the meeting and Lorraine drew attention to the details for Fun in the Park and "Barleylands".

Rev Paul Carr proposed that we accept the accounts, seconded by Jonathan Morley and approved by the members. The meeting recorded thanks to Lorraine .

The proposed budget for 2015 was distributed at the meeting. Jonathan Morley proposed that we accept the budget; this was seconded by Jackie Bentley and agreed by the members..

Appointment of Auditor: The meeting directed the secretary to write to Elizabeth Ann Rudkin asking her to audit the accounts for CTB for the coming year.

SMB: Gary Bott read the report prepared by Shirley Gowland (attached) and mentioned the Mentoring course that Ruth had attended, the Relationships course Sue would be involved with and the hope to link up with the Street Pastors to have Schools Pastors.

SMB financial report. Mike Wood introduced himself as the treasurer and distributed a summary of the financial information. He pointed out that Ruth was employed for 30hrs a week during term time and Sue for 18hrs. Shirley Gowland was also paid for her management duties. He drew attention to how much work they put in on our behalf.

The meeting directed the secretary to ask Elizabeth Ann Rudkin to audit the SMB accounts for 2015.


CTB—the way forward:
Rev David Bagwell introduced a discussion of the consideration of a new approach to the structures and work of CTB that had begun when Rev Tom Loh moved in July 2014 and described the discussions leading to the proposals for the way ahead: Bi-monthly CTB services with time for prayer, information sharing and developing new visions, an Executive meeting being the Ministers’ monthly meeting, an Administrative structure with the Officers to maintain the governance of the CTB and the Organisers of Groups and Events under the CTB banner.

Andy Robb reported that the Ministers’ Meeting had met today and considered the new structures. He drew attention to the Constitution and to the Objectives: “To join together to grow the people of God so that in fullness and unity of the Spirit we can bring the Gospel to all the people of Billericay and district”.

Concerns were raised about the numbers who may attend the Sunday meetings and about churches that may be under-represented and that this may make the CTB less democratic than it is now.

Rev Paul Carr said that, having had experience of many churches, he felt that we should be proud as churches in Billericay of what we do together in the town and that CTB was one of the most visionary groups of churches he had worked with and that the new structure could give us an opportunity to do even more. Rev David Bagwell endorsed this from his experience. Lorraine Harris pointed out that the strong involvement of the ministers in CTB was in contrast to when she was first involved and encouraged the ministers to continue this.

Jonathan Morley asked, in the light of the importance of the Ministers’ meeting, what would be the involvement of churches who had no minister at any time. Rev Paul Carr mentioned that Bernard Knight an elder from the Baptist Church had attended the meetings since Rev McCleod had left and suggested that the constitution be amended to ask churches to appoint lay representatives to the meeting while they had no minister.

Andy Robb proposed and John Morris seconded that the new structures be adopted. There were 19 votes for the proposal, 3 abstentions and 1 vote against and so the proposal was carried.


Appointment of Officers:

Chairman Chairman Rev Paul Gambling - proposed by Andy Robb and seconded by David Bowles. Rev Gambling took the Chair and thanked Rev David Bagwell for being interim Chair.
Vice chairman Vice Chairman There were no nominations. Rev Paul Carr suggested that a lay person be the Vice Chairman. Phil Norton asked that a description of the role of the Vice Chair be circulated to the churches and representatives and that people be asked to think about who might take on the task and encourage them in it.
Secretary David Saunders - proposed by Rev David Bagwell and seconded by Lorraine Harris. The meeting expressed its thanks to Janet Lee for her seven plus years of service to the CTB.
Treasurer Lorraine Harris - proposed by Jackie Bentley and seconded by Jonathan Morley. The Meeting expressed its thanks to Lorraine for her many years of service to the CTB .

It was proposed by Rev David Bagwell, seconded by Jonathan Morley and agreed by all that the signatories for the CTB bank accounts be Lorraine Harris, Andy Robb and David Saunders.


Date of next AGM:

Wednesday 20th January 2016—Venue to be arranged.


Date of united service 2015:

Sunday 24th January 2015—Venue to be arranged..