Present: Peter Brierley, Maureen Bowles, David Bowles,Stuart Gibbs, Andy Robb, Phil Norton, Rita Fabbri, Carole Bendry, Janet Masters, Paul Carr, Helen Sheppard, David Bagwell, Jenny Deall, Linda Wallace, Ian Smith, Margaret Flack, Pauline Randall, Sean Owen, Tom Madders, Dan Pierce, Julian Horspole, Margaret Dunn, Kenton Church.

Apologies for absence: none recorded.


Rev David Bagwell opened the meeting with prayer. Rev Margaret Fowler took the minutes for this meeting.


There was a quorate as members of more than three churches were in attendance.


Approval of Minutes of AGM on 20th January 2016

Amendments to the list of those present at the meeting: Sean Owen of the Most Holy Redeemer and Derek Oakley of St Mary Magdalene, Great Burstead were present. With those amendments made, Rev David Bagwell signed the minutes as a correct record of the meeting. There were no matters arising from those minutes.


Review of past year and repeated events in 2017

David Bagwell said a list of events was sent out monthly with any amendments. He asked for comments on events held in 2016. Comments were as follows:

Christmas Market: The Christmas Market was deemed to be a great success with about 1,000 people coming into St Mary’s throughout the day. Singing was from 11am. Rev Dan Pierce was thanked for organising the groups of singers.

The seating was much improved although some sound was lost under the balcony. Organ was muffled because of the boxed areas either side. Organ had not been serviced recently so wasn’t great; the keyboard sounded much better.

Dan Pierce said he would be happy to organise again in December 2017. Handouts with details of Christmas services at all the churches had been budgeted for but this had been overlooked. We hope to produce a leaflet next year.

Women’s World Day of Prayer:This year WWDP will be on Friday, 3rd March at Emmanuel at 10.30am. Pauline Randall is willing to be part of the task group to assist with planning. Details are already available in Pilgrim magazine.

Other dates for 2017:

22nd January CTB Service at The Most Holy Redeemer 6.30pm.
5th March Civic Service at Emmanuel at 3pm. David Bagwell asked for input to the service by other CTB members. The event is well supported by the Town Council.
There will be no Life Expo at the Baptist Church this year. It has been bi-annual.
14th April Good Friday United Service at 12noon at St Mary Magdalen. There will be informal walks of witness from other venues. The main walk looked really good last year with many crosses and banners.
16th April Easter Day sunrise service & open air Communion at Mill Meadows 6am, followed by breakfast at 7am. There will be no Easter united service in the evening this year.
Golf tournments This is usually Methodists vs Baptists, but everyone is welcome. There will be tournaments on 4th May and in September (tba) this year. Further details & publicity to follow.
1st MaySoap Box Derby; it was great fun last year. Those interested in helping during the day at the CTB marquee should let their representativess know.
The John Baron Fun Walk and Chernobyl Children will also take place this year.
Stockbrook Farm didn’t happen last year, but open to the possibility of it happening this year.
Summerfest Andy Robb involved in the past but no involvement this year. Street Pastors will be there—they usually put up the marquee.
Duggie Dug DugOver 100 children present and over 40 made a Christian commitment. Good quality event. Thanks to Pam Levy for organising. Pam has now left the Billericay Methodist Church as its families & children’s worker and they are seeking Pam’s successor. An advertisement is in this month’s Christianity magazine.
13th NovemberRemembrance Day: Crowd control slightly better. Lord Petrie was present in 2015 and the Deputy Lieutenant of Essex (Dave Dennison?) was present in 2016. Both commented on the warm atmosphere. It was enjoyable as an act of worship and a credit to CTB.
Big Ministries training dayThis event was held in December as a resource for leaders to engage with 7-11 year olds. It will not be held in 2017.
Church leaders' meetingsMeeting notes are issued with action points in red. Monthly notes and agendas keep the communication going.


Any proposed changes to the constitution

Changes had been made to ensure the Treasurer Lorraine Harris is invited to Meetings. No changes to the Constitution had been offered by deadline ( see below) for executive leadership structure .


Appointment of officers of CTB

No nominations were received for a Secretary, Chair or Vice Chair. We do, however, have a treasurer. It was unanimously agreed that Lorraine Harris should continue as Treasurer of CTB and she was warmly thanked for her excellent work. With no other office holders it was unanimously agreed that leadership of CTB to continue as in the last year by the monthly church leaders' meeting.


Vision and related projects for the coming year

Easter Pic-n-Mix: This came about when ministers at the church leaders' meeting talked about one day doing a Passion Play. Billericay has no big town centre. We looked at who we are doing this for? Decided we want to communicate with passers by, not just Christians, reaching all ages with the Easter story.

Easter Pic-n-Mix will be on Easter Saturday from 10am–5pm. 5 sketches every half an hour in 6 different locations. Sketches are all on an Easter theme: 'Don’t tell people what to expect'.

1.Candy Canes
2.Two Romans
3.Harris & Watson
4.Wine Gums
5.Dice Cubes

Each sketch will last 10 mins and are varied in style. Most are short and amusing and hopefully will leave people with something to think about when they go home. Two sketches tell part of the Passion story itself.

We are hoping people will move from one location to another and leaflets will be given out on the back of which will be a map of locations. It is anticipated that each audience will be fairly small so no obstruction will be caused.

Each sketch is standalone so people won’t have to walk around all locations to get the whole story and it doesn’t matter in which order people see sketches.


1stBy Waitrose entrance
2ndMayflower House on a raised area (Waitrose are happy to have us)
3rdCourtyard area (formerly Cookshop Yard) near Waitrose delivery area
4thOld Burial Ground
5thMayflower Hall
6thSt Mary Magdalen, High St

They are all quiet areas away from traffic. There has been no red tape with the council. No sound equipment is needed and it is therefore very economical to put on. There are two indoor locations so if it’s raining we can shift things around.

Each location will have a support team and will need 3 people to drum up support. During performance people will give out leaflets and be there to answer questions. Street Pastors will be in uniform. Also, pastors will be 'responsible adults' in case of problems.

St Mary’s and URC church hall will offer refreshments, but we will not advertise it. People with counselling skills could be there. Will need refreshment crews and also need people to take refreshments to performers.

Kenton Church is looking for 14+ actors. Read through dates are 24th and 25th January at URC at 8pm. People only need to attend on one of the evenings. Need people of any ages who are not phased by being in public arena. If we don’t get enough actors we may have to cut back. Rather cover half day than the whole day. There are scheduled to be 75 performances in all. Leaflets will be given to churches to advertise the event.

There will be a prayer meeting at St Mary's on Saturday 8th April at 10am when everyone involved gets together. There will be a team briefing and dress rehearsal so those involved won’t miss out on the day. There is a FB page for Pic-n-Mix which can be put on the flier now.

After February we will be coming back to ask for support teams. They are not expected to offer to be available all day, just a few hours is fine. David Bagwell expressed thanks to Kenton Church for all the hard work he is putting into this.

Schools Ministry Billericay: Paul Carr read a report by Shirley Gowland. Mike Wood (SMB treasurer) gave a financial report and gave out a summary of financial information (attached to printed copies).

It has been a struggle to cover the workload without Ruth Strickland who is on maternity leave but we are managing to cover with volunteers. Ruth has full statutory maternity pay and leave.

A workplace pension is given to all staff. That has been done since August 2016 with NEST (the UK workplace pension scheme). Sue Horspole didn’t want to join the scheme. SMB have complied with all employer requirements.

David Bagwell thanked Mike for his work on the SMB accounts.

Street Pastors: Phil Norton said it has been a really busy year and he can’t see it changing. He has been looking at some of the things CTB are involved with and people we network with such as the police and other agencies. Street Pastors are the face of the churches. Street Pastors want to be at Soapbox Derby this year (they weren’t in 2016). They have given talks to Rotary, 41 Club, Mothers' Union, and Pub Watch. Street Pastors see things on the street from a different perspective, they are independent, and they are able to talk about what they see.

Harry’s Bar on High St has had licence extended by half an hour. Street Pastors were emailed for their view on this, but they would not comment as they are independent. Reids is low on the scale of violence. Street Pastors would like to link with other partners such as the railways. Rail agencies meet at Upminster to talk about issues to do with railway. People at stations are lonely, confused, missed last trains. Street Pastors are able to offer comfort, water etc. Street Pastors seen as caring people.

Schools Pastors is still on the agenda. Response Pastors also act on behalf of churches in Essex and are ready to respond to anything which causes community tension. There are enough response pastors in the county to respond to such an event.

Street Pastors welcome financial one-off gifts, but more helpful is regular income. Local people cover the costs of Street Pastors and are grateful for the work Street Pastors do.

Training is starting again in February. There is no restriction to becoming a street pastor as long as you are over 18. We are really blessed with volunteers, but need to recruit 5-10 each year to replace leavers. Some churches are over-represented and some under-represented. 38 currently on Street Pastors books, but some are not fully operational. 4 are in training and enquiries have come in from 2 more. Phil Norton said he will email out training dates. He said we should tell our churches to come out and see what Street Pastors do.


Task groups for new and existing projects

There were no new projects being proposed at present with the exception of the Easter Pic-n-Mix which would take all our energies up to Easter.

Church leaders meeting will look at dates and times of CTB services. We will need task groups to host and organise services. On Sunday 21st May at 6.30pm will be at Billericay Baptist Church led by Ian Smith and on Sunday 16th July at 6.30pm at St Mary's led by Alan and Jane Robb.

Finance: The report from Lorraine Harris, CTB Treasurer, was attached to printed minutes. It lists the total expenses for the budget for next year. Under 'Donations', agreement is needed. We have to receive all accounts. Also need to agree budget. The accounts have been independently examined and audited. The meeting was happy to receive the accounts and thanked Lorraine for her hard work. It was proposed that the Easter Saturday 2017 budget be set at £750 making a total budget expense of £1,600. This was unanimously agreed.

Donations: We have not asked for donations from churches for a few years, but cannot continue to go into reserves. It was unanimously agreed to endorse the rate of £250 donation from larger churches and £125 from the smaller churches for the current year. It was agreed that the collection at the Most Holy Redeemer will go to St Luke’s Hospice.


Any other business

Forging Men: Stuart Gibbs asked on behalf of 'Forging Men' whether CTB could support them financially. Forging Men met at the Red Lion last month and incur costs of £20 for each venue per month. They like to bless speakers with a gift and pay expenses. They also provide refreshments such as tea & coffee. Stuart explained that Forging Men is not just an Anglican initiative. Men can invite friends and neighbours. They have met at Burstead Golf Club but it’s expensive.

Stuart asked whether CTB would consider donating £500 per annum to support Forging Men. David Bagwell said we have a principle of supporting outreach work and we would talk about it at the church leaders’ meeting.

However, David then asked for the general feeling of the meeting towards this request. There was positive support for this request and it was suggested that we could vote this evening. All were in favour of making a donation of £500 to support the work of Forging Men.

Musical Afternoon: At URC on 25th February from 3-5pm. There is a charity table top sale on 25th March from 9.30am–12noon, both at Mayflower Hall, Chapel Street.


Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 10th January 2018 at 8pm; venue later set for Billericay Baptist Church.