Present: Baptist: Not represented, Christ Church: Rev Margaret Fowler & Stuart Gibbs, Emmanuel: Jonathan Morley, Christine Morley & Pauline Randall, Holy Redeemer: Seán Owen, Little Burstead: Derek Hill, Methodist: Rev David Bagwell, Lorraine Harris & Matilda Kawadza, United Reformed: Rev Barnabus Shin & Peter Brierley, St John the Divine: Susan McCaffrey, Great Burstead: Margaret Flack, Revival Church: Andy Robb & Julian Horspole, Schools Ministry Billericay: Shirley Gowland & Mike Wood, Street Pastors: Phil Norton.

Apologies for absence: Little Burstead: Jim Henshaw, United Reformed: Margaret Dunn, St John the Divine: Janet Masters, Great Burstead: Rev Michael Hall, Revival Church: Jane Robb.


Rev David Bagwell opened the meeting. Lorraine Harris took the minutes for this meeting.


There was a quorate as members of more than three churches were in attendance.


Approval of Minutes of AGM on 10th January 2018

Page 1: An amendment was made to those present at the meeting. It should have read Derek Hill and not Derek Hick.

Page 2, Soap Box Derby: The text was amended to: This was again a great outreach event attended by 10,000 local people and run by Billericay Rotary Club. Lorraine Harris organised a team of volunteers who were joined by many of our street pastors.
We had 2 marquees joined together where there were lots of free activities for children including a lucky dip, plus a Mothers' Union stall.
Outside we used the circus items that were donated to us by Rev Bernadette when she retired as a Holy Fool.
We were busy most of the day with many families sitting on the hay bales around our area. The Rotary club also appointed us the ‘lost children’ and raffle points. We have been asked to attend again this year.

Summer Fest: Street Pastors represented CTB at this event and we gave them a £100 donation towards their costs.

Rev David Bagwell signed the minutes as a correct record of the meeting.


Review of past year and repeated events for 2019

AGM: will be held on Wednesday 8th January 2020 at Christ Church, starting at 8.00pm.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (WPCU): The united service will be held on the 20th January 2019 at St John the Divine, starting at 6.30pm. The theme will be the Unity of Church and Nation. The week runs from the 18th-25th January but no further prayer meetings were noted within individual churches. The collection will be sent to SMB, for them to share between SMB and Schools Pastors.

Remembrance Service in the High Street: It was asked if possible for the sound to be louder, so that more people could hear all of the service. The sound is organised by Richard Shipton at Emmanuel and he will be approached about this.

Christmas Market 2018: Attendance was down on previous years, possibly due to Stock’s Christmas market the previous evening. The community choir was good. Most of the churches were represented. We left the chair layout the same as last year for most of the sessions — this will be discussed more before this year’s event, possibly having the singing in the round. Rev Margaret Fowler was thanked for organising the singing times. The idea of a Christmas Nativity photo booth at the top of the High Street didn’t happen, but will hopefully be possible this coming Christmas if we can source a background canvas and costumes.
Lorraine reported that we served around 500 drinks in St Mary’s, which was about the same as the previous year.

Christmas Carol Singing by Forging Men: The group visited all of the High Street pubs (except the Blue Boar who wouldn’t let them in). They sang carols and collected for St Luke’s Hospice. This was well received with many joining in with the singing. This will be repeated on the 19th December 2019.

Friends of Lake Meadows Carol Service: Stuart Gibbs of Forging Men was asked to help with putting together a choir and supplying sound equipment which he organised. Unfortunately the event had to be cancelled due to bad weather.

World Day of Prayer: is this year being held at Western Road Methodist Church on Friday 1st March starting at 10:30am and co-ordinated by Pauline Randall.

Civic Service: There was no report given on the 2018 event at this meeting. This year the service is being held on the 10th March 2019 at the United Reformed Church, led by Rev Barnabus Shin, starting at 3.00pm. For the 2020 service it was discussed tying this in with the 400th anniversary Mayflower celebrations, although we need to check what other local groups are organising. Intolerance led to the Pilgrim Fathers planning and leaving the UK on the Mayflower. Anything we organise should recognise this and that we need to work harder in the future to eradicate intolerance within our churches and society.

Life Expo: CTB gave £500 to SMB towards the cost of the school’s coaches—an excellent event at the Baptist Church. As this is bi-annual the next one will be held late March 2020.

Good Friday united service: It is planned to take place in St.Mary’s again.

Easter 2019: Individual churches are planning events which CTB will advertise on a joint leaflet—all details to Rev David Bagwell by 1st Wednesday in March at the latest:
⚫ Emmanuel and Most Holy Redeemer are planning a joint open-air service at Sun Corner or an event in Lake Meadows
⚫ Methodists are planning to sing Easter songs outside the Co-op on the Saturday before Palm Sunday, with an invitation to pop into The Christian Link for a hot cross bun and drink
⚫ Christ Church are holding an Eastingle service on Good Friday afternoon
⚫ Wintershall Passion Play will again be streamed live at Queens Park at 3.00pm for 3.15 on Good Friday and perhaps at other churches
⚫ Baptists may be having an Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Sunrise Service 2019: Will be led by Rev David Bagwell at Mill Meadows at 6:30am, followed by breakfast at Western Road.

Christian Aid Golf Tournament 2019: This will be on Thursday 9th May at Langdon Hills Golf Club. Cost £50, which includes a donation to Christian Aid. This includes a bacon buttie at 10:30am, 18 holes of golf followed by dinner. Last year's event raised approximately £400 even though fewer attended the day. Please contact Rev David Bagwell if you would like to attend.

Soap Box Derby 2018: The event was run in the same format as the previous year. Lorraine Harris thanked everyone for their help with set-up on the Sunday and, help on Bank Holiday Monday during the event and clearing away afterwards. We have been invited to be there again this year.

Western Road Methodists: Tim Lornie is speaking at the CTB Service at Western Road on the 19th May — he currently works for a charity called, 'Just Love Cambridge' with Christians at the university, reaching out to the community in practical ways. All are invited, it starts at 6:30pm.

Summerfest 2019: Street Pastors will represent CTB again at this Rotary Club event, with a donation of £100 towards their costs. Revival Church will also be there.

Church Leaders Meetings: These are on the first Wednesday of the month at 12 noon. If you would like to raise anything at these meetings please speak to your own minister or email Rev David Bagwell with the details at least a couple of days before the meeting. Action points are then sent to CTB Reps by email.

United services: Will be every other month with a pattern of worship – 20 minutes, sharing of news- 20 minutes and prayer 20 minutes. There is no focus so far for the July and September services.

Christmas Lunch 2018 at Emmanuel: Anna Laughland sent her apologies to the meeting but sent the following report:

The tradition of hosting a great Christmas Day lunch continued this year at Emmanuel. We had 61 guests (47 of whom received a lift) and our volunteer team (on the day and in advance) was 53 strong. Feedback has been wonderful, including:

“The do was absolutely wonderful, please pass on all my thanks to the volunteers.”
“The food was delicious, thank you so much for inviting me.”
“The hall was decorated so nicely and I felt so spoiled by all the gifts.”
“I had a wonderful time, nothing was too much for the volunteers and I felt everyone’s needs were being thought of.”

The event brought lots of joy and the volunteers took a huge sense of pride from being involved. Volunteers were from across the community and a number of people helped from a few different churches. We had entertainment from a magician, a quiz, the Queen's speech and enjoyed a generous three course dinner.
As well as private donors we received support from Waitrose & Partners, Billericay Town Council, Lions Club of Billericay, Menad Restaurant, Britvic, Co-operative Funeralcare and The Chequers Billericay.
Our thanks to all the volunteers and organisations who helped make this possible.


The constitution

No amendments were proposed.


Appointment of officers of CTB

Lorraine Harris was nominated for re-election as treasurer by Jonathan Morley, seconded by Pauline Randall, unanimously elected by the meeting and thanked for her devoted service. It was agreed that Leadership would be continued as in previous years by church leaders' meetings


Vision and related projects for the coming year

Schools Ministry Billericay: Shirley Gowland was warmly welcomed back to the meeting; her report is attached to printed versions of these minutes.
Could all churches please arrange for one representative to be elected to meet once a term with Jane Andrews for an SMB update which could then be passed onto the congregation?
Mike Wood presented the SMB financial report – attached to the printed minutes.

Football Pastors: Stuart Gibbs gave an overview explaining that the 6 current pastors (4 men, 2 ladies) came from 3 local churches who mainly attend home matches, although occasionally away as well. They have been given permission to build a shed within the football club grounds. The meeting discussed and agreed that their ministry should come under the CTB umbrella.

Schools Pastors: Shirley Gowland’s SMB report covers Schools Pastors as well. With training complete, the schools patrols started last term in the lunch break at Billericay School. The vision is to expand the patrols more frequently and at different schools as well. They will also be involved in SMB events. There is always an opportunity for Church members to join them. CTB made a donation towards their new uniforms. Their finances will go through SMB funds, not Street Pastors. They share the offices above Billericay Library (free of charge) with Street Pastors and SMB.

Street Pastors: Phil Norton said that he wanted to encourage street pastors to update their home churches regularly about their night-time patrols, thereby keeping everyone in the loop. Also to encourage new potential street pastors to come forward for training. People of 50 plus make excellent Street Pastors (especially grand parents). He thanked Billericay Baptist Church for the minibus that they have passed onto them. New graphics have been added to advertise their work. Phil feels that there is an opportunity for applying for community funding and will be looking to find someone for this role.

The new Rail Pastors has started patrols on the railways;. The rail industry loves their help throughout the country;, every intervention made saves them £120 thousand, therefore saving money and, more importantly, lives. The local group has already made 2 interventions. Ingatestone station is one of the most problematic at the moment.


Task groups for new and existing projects

Soap Box Derby: will be at Sun Corner on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2019. Lorraine Harris will put together a group to organise the event, Susan McCaffrey offered to help. If you can help in any way, or would like to help with the planning please contact Lorraine.

Christmas Market: on Sunday 1st December 2019 is to have David Bagwell, Lorraine Harris, Pauline Randall and Stuart Gibbs on the planning committee. Again, please contact them should you wish to join them in the planning from September onwards.



Thanks were expressed to the auditor, Elizabeth Rudkins and her son. Rev David Bagwell will write to her on behalf of CTB to confirm that we wish her to continue to examine the CTB accounts.

Lorraine Harris asked the meeting how long she should keep previous years’ accounts details. The meeting agreed that 7 years accounts was sufficient, so she will confidentially destroy all records prior to this. Lorraine presented the CTB financial report, which is attached to printed minutes. The signed examined accounts to 30th November 2018 were circulated prior to the meeting.


Any other business

a. Forging Men: It was reported that they meet regularly on a Monday with speakers and fellowship, plus other events such as Go-Karting and a Comedy Night with Paul Corenzo. It is a good opportunity to invite non-Christians. The meeting agreed to donate £500 towards their costs again this year.

b. Upkeep of St Mary's Church:The meeting agreed to donate £500 from CTB funds.

c. Email addressing: Rev David Bagwell asked the meeting if it was happy to continue with the current level of sharing of email addresses. After discussion it was agreed to leave this that he should continue to blind copy (bcc) all messages sent out to the CTB reps and ministers.

d. Homelessness: There is a growing issue in our High Street which Revs Dan and Ian have raised at the church leaders' meetings. A task group is to be set up to include both of them. Phil Norton and others will join them to discuss this very serious issue. It was agreed that local homeless charities and groups in Basildon and Chelmsford should be consulted before any suggestions were put into action.


Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 8th January 2020 at 8.00pm at Christ Church, Perry Street.